COPENHAGENS BIGGEST AND MOST CENTRALLY LOCATED SAUNA CLUB, JUST 100 METERS FROM TOWNHALL /750 square meters on three floors, with sauna, baths, lot of cabins, darkrooms, mazed and video rooms.

We welcome you

Always busy, especially when visiting on Thursday, Friday Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon after 15:00.

Locker room

With locked cabinets


With shared showers


With soft drinks, light beer, coffee and tea

Living room

With TV and free internet access


Several cinemas with different types of porn movies


Sling and other tools


Big dry sauna


You are welcome to go naked in most areas of Amigo Sauna.

About us

Amigo Sauna is Copenhagen's biggest ( nearly 750 sqm ) and most centrally  located Sauna Club .  SAUNA CLUB IS OPEN FOR MEN  AND  TRANSGENDERS ONLY  !!!!     It  exists  in the current form since  1998  and is located in Studiestræde 31A.  The  sauna club  consists of three floors. On the first floor there is a small soft drink bar with 2 TV rooms and internet access, an exercise bike, a step machine , Big Sauna  and 114 locker rooms. There  are  toilets and showers on every floor. On the Second floor are a lot of private cabins, two cinema screens and a big dark room .Finally, on the Third floor 2 dark rooms (both  with a sling),2 SctAndrew crosses , a Stockade , small gym, 5 cinema screens and 5 private booths, one  very large.The sauna is visited throughout the year by many people, especially in the summer months